School has good library facilities with over fifteen thousand volumes of books and more than 15 periodicals, magazines and news papers at the disposal of the students and staff. Students are encouraged to cultivate good reading habits and use the library as an important instrument of knowledge.

  • Students may borrow one book at a time for the period of one week.
  • When books are returned late, a fine of Rs. 10/- is charged per day for each book. Students absent on the day must return the books, on the day they come to the school. They are at the same time to show their School Diary notifying their absence.
  • Books to be renewed must be brought to the library each time. They will not be otherwise renewed.
  • Reference books are for consultation only in the library. They are not issued.
  • When a student loses a library card she / he will be charged Rs. 50/- for a new one.
  • When a student loses a library book she / he is asked to replace the same or pay the price for a new one.
  • Silence is to be observed at all time in the library.
  • Books are treasures. Don’t spoil them by making comments on them. A fine will be imposed on the student who damages a book.
  • The main reason for the librarian’s presence in the library is to help you. If you want to know about a certain piece of information or what might be good book to read, be sure to ask the librarian.
  • In general, be careful of furniture and books in the library so that as many students as possible may use and enjoy them.