Pre Board Examination

Nathnagar, Bhagalpur
SPS/M/2019-20 04/12/2019

Dear Parents/Guardians
I feel it necessary to give you the following information:-

    • Mock Exam: Mock Exam will begin for Std X from 6th January 2020. The time table is given below. Exam will continue even in case of any Bandh / Closure (due to severe winter).
    • Tuition Fees & Exam: All parents are requested to clear all the dues up to the month of February 2020. All fees such as Computer fee, Lab fee, Tuition fee and Exam fee must be cleared by 15th December 2019.
    • Bus Fee: Bus fee up to the month of December 2019 must be cleared by 15th December 2019
    • No bus facility will be provided from the month of January 2020 for STD X Students
    • Result: Report card will be distributed on 01st February 2020.
    • Time table for the Pre Board Examination 2019 – 20

Date/Day                                                        Subject
06/01/2020 (Monday)                          English (Paper – II)
07/01/2020 (Tuesday)                          Physics
08/01/2020 (Wednesday)                     Chemistry
09/01/2020 (Thursday)                        Biology
10/01/2020 (Friday)                             Geography
11/01/2020 (Saturday)                         Hindi
13/01/2020 (Monday)                          Mathematics
15/01/2020 (Wednesday)                     History/Civics
16/01/2020 (Thursday)                        Computer/Economic Applications
17/01/2020 (Friday)                             English (Paper – I)

St.Paul’s School
Nath Nagar, Bhagalpur.