The Primary aim of St. Paul’s Bhagalpur is to impart sound formation (religious, mental, moral, social, and physical) based on the principles of Christian faith, to members of the Christian Community.

Sound formation (spiritual, mental, moral, social, and physical) based on the principles of human values to all the others admitted in this institution.

Boys and girls, enrolled at St. Paul’s, are expected to develop during the years of their formation:

  1. Loyalty and devotion to God and Country;
  2. An appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of our country;
  3. A spirit of service to their fellow human beings.
  4. An enlightened mind that would strive for excellence in every sphere with special emphasis on personal development and co-operation rather than overriding others;
  5. A spirit of tolerance and appreciation that transcends the barriers of caste, language and religion, and helps to achieve national unity and integration;
  6. Qualities of leadership through active participation in games and co-curricular activities, especially social work;
  7. An appreciation of manual labour encouraged and directed through community- oriented projects;
  8. Eloquence in the art of expression so that they can effectively communicate the ideas acquired;
  9. Correct habits of thinking developed by means of personal experience (learning by doing), observation and judgment, in the study of science, mathematics and languages.
  10. Above all, a character with strong and clear principles by which they will think and act accordingly to what is right and just.